Google Mobile SEO Update

google mobile seo update

Watch out for a huge change in Google’s search algorithm from April 21 2015. Google will reward mobile-friendly websites with higher search engine rankings from this date onwards meaning that mobile friendly websites are a must for any business now.

Google says that this change to their search algorithm will have a “significant impact” on all mobile searches in all languages worldwide. The company says that searchers will benefit as a result of this major change as users will find higher quality results.

As well as this change to their search engine ranking algorithm, Google will also begin to use increased information from indexed apps as a ranking factor when showing search results to users who are signed-in and have the app installed.

As for mobile users? these changes are very good news and it should prompt businesses that still do not have a mobile friendly website to make the switch to mobile friendly. Google began turning the spotlight on mobile-friendly sites in their search results pages last year.

Businesses and website owners who would like to test their site’s mobile compatibility can use Google’s Webmaster tools to easily gauge the status of their website pages.

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