Local Search Engine Optimisation

Helping businesses be found by customers in their town, city or radius of business

Relevant, Targeted Traffic in Your Town or City

People love buying from local companies. We help local companies by elevating their search results positions in the search engines on a town and city level.

Higher Local Search Engine Rankings

Vast amounts of Internet searches done for products and services show local search results from local companies which is reason enough for having your website optimised for local SEO. Get your business services and products ranking higher in the Search Engines and reach your local audience. Gain more leads, enquiries and sales through your website from people local to your area using our Local SEO packages.

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of optimising your website pages to include location based keywords within your meta tags and content to gain higher local search engine rankings as well as building high ranking relevant optimised citations for your business.

Local Customers

For many smaller businesses their target audience for their products and services are people and other businesses in the area local to them. Our Local SEO packages are designed to drive more local customers to your website through search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo by using local search engine optimisation.

Tell us about your Local SEO needs and we will get back to you with an SEO proposal and pricing based on your requirements and budget. All our Local SEO packages are tailored to suit your business needs and can be altered over time depending on your current website rankings.

The Blue Rock Digital team will target your audience for your most important keywords which will help increase your business enquiries and sales. We will provide you with monthly SEO reports detailing your current and past keyword rankings so that you can see what we are doing and how your rankings are improving month on month.

Affordable Local SEO Services

Blue Rock Digital supply affordable Local SEO services designed to increase your search engine rankings within Google for your most important keywords and keyword phrases to increase traffic to your website pages as well as increase website enquiries. Our Local SEO campaigns increase relevant visitor numbers to your website. Using proven, effective local Search Engine Optimisation techniques, our approach is to build your keyword rankings and increase your website traffic with visitors that are genuinely interested in your services and products to ultimately covert them into business leads and paying customers.