Low SEO Competition in Google

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Chances are your local competitors are not doing SEO or they are not doing it properly.

A lack of competition from your local competitors in Google means that a re-build of your business website from the ground up to include Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) will easily help you jump above them in the local Google rankings to help gain you new business.

So many businesses these days have an ageing website that does not earn them any business at all due to a mixture of poor website design, non mobile friendly design, low quality website content and almost non-existent Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This means a lack of competition from your local business competitors in terms of how they rank in Google on a local level for local searchers is something you should without doubt be taking advantage of.

By having your website re-build to be mobile and tablet friendly as well as Search Engine Optimised for local Google search results with high quality content you will easily be able to rank above your local competitors and gain their share of Internet traffic and leads coming from that new website traffic.

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