Rank at No.1 in Google

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Just what does it mean for a business to rank in the top positions in Google?

We have all asked ourselves the same question when trying to increase our organic website rankings to generate more visitors to our business website from the search engines.

When attempting to increase our search engine rankings for our most important business keywords we are left with some important questions buzzing around our minds:

  • Just how much Internet traffic would my website get if I rank on the first page of Google?
  • Do I really need to rank above the fold?
  • If I ranked at No.1 in Google, how much more traffic could I expect to get?

The Chikita study

There have been studies done that show the click-through rates for each of the top positions in the search engines. The Chikita study in June 2013 shows that an incredible 95% of all organic website traffic comes from being ranked on page 1 in Google. In other words, if you don’t rank on page 1 of Google you are effectively out of the game.

The top 6 positions in Google receive 80% of organic web traffic, which shows how important it is to not only rank on page 1 of Google but to rank above the fold.

The good news for local businesses is that competition in the search engines for organic Google rankings is generally quite low on a local level.

Local SEO

If your business serves customers on a local level then it really is not too difficult to rank on page 1 of Google for your keywords. If you are a national company a local SEO package can still be the answer for you. You would effectively run a local SEO campaign for each major town and city up and down the country. All that is required is solid keyword and competition research and a little elbow grease.