Paid Social Media Advertising

Reach thousands of potential new customers online

Engaging Social Media Campaigns

Our social media advertising will enable your company to reach thousands of potential new customers online. We deliver engaging social media campaigns to help your business reach the people you need to.

Reach Thousands of New Customers

Our paid Social Media Advertising services help companies throughout the UK reach thousands of potential customers and are specifically targeted to the people that matter most to each and every business. We can set up, optimise and manage your social media ads for you.

Social Media Advertising

Every campaign we set up and manage is fully optimised by us to reach your target audience with the right message. Our ads are designed to be engaging to your customers and encourage click through rates to your website pages.

Managing Your Adverts

Managing your paid Social Media adverts can be a time consuming and resource zapping experience. Our paid social experts can manage your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn ad campaigns for you.

We have the experience, tools and resources at hand to manage everything for you and will send you monthly reports so that you know exactly how your ads are performing. Your social ad campaigns will be aimed towards driving sales and increasing your brand awareness.

Social Media Audit

Our campaign managers begin by conducting an audit of your target audience and then cross reference this with your current social media channels set up. It is important we understand your target audience and the social media platforms best suited to advertise on.

Social Media Optimisation

As a part of our paid social campaigns, we will also optimise your current social media pages, making sure your brand sends out the right message on your social media pages.

Bespoke Campaigns

We provide a one-stop-shop when it comes to managing your social media ads. Our campaigns are built to be completely bespoke to your requirements.


Once your campaign gets underway, we will provide you with comprehensive monthly reports explaining how your social media adverts are performing, ensuring it’s meeting, and exceeding key targets set out at the audit stage.

Blue Rock Digital provide data and insights driven social media advertising campaigns designed to increase sales and brand awareness. If you are looking for an experienced social media advertising company to manage your campaigns you have come to the right place.