Target The Right People With Facebook Adverts

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Reach the people that are already interested in what you have to offer to gain more traffic to your website and increase sales. Targeting is extremely important when advertising on Facebook because it helps you spend your advertising budget in the most cost-effective way possible by reaching more of the right people and not throwing your budget away on people that are never going to buy from you or use your services

Choose The Right Audience

Only pay to connect to the exact audience you want to target on Facebook. Targeting your Facebook ads helps you to:

* Find your target customer across multiple devices, including desktops, mobiles and tablets
* Convey your advertising message to specific people
* Reach just the people that matter to you

The Core Facebook Targeting Options Are:


* Reach potential customers in set locations including radiuses by country, county, city and post code
* For example, if you’re an eCommerce business and you have a product that you want to target at the UK market only, you can target your adverts towards people who live in the United Kingdom


* Would you like to target your advert towards a certain age group or gender? You can target people based on demographics such as age, gender, relationship status, education, workplace and more
* For example, if you have an online store selling mens fashion for the under thirties market you can target your adverts solely at men in the 18-30 age group


* Interest targeting allows you to define your target audience by their interests, hobbies and the Facebook Pages they already like. Facebook collects all sorts of information about their users and this is great news for advertisers. You can target people by their listed interests, activities, education, job titles, Facebook Pages they like or Facebook groups they are a member of
* For example, you may be an online pet food retailer. In this instance you could target cat owners and people who like different breeds of cat by adding interests like “Bengal Cats” or “Siamese Cats“


* You can target and reach people based on things they already purchase on the Internet and other activities
* For example, if you’re an online console and game retailer, you can choose the partner category “Console Gamers” under Behaviours to target people that are actively purchasing that type of product on the Internet

Note: You can include additional targeting choices, such as also targeting men aged between 18 and 30, who live in the United Kingdom

Advanced Custom Audiences

* Custom Audiences allow you to target your Facebook adverts towards your existing customers from your own list, or you can exclude them from a specific campaign. This is of great benefit to you if you decide to offer special discounts or promotions to your existing customer base.

Custom Audiences: You can securely upload a contact list of potential clients you would like to reach (or not reach) and specifically target your Facebook Adverts towards them.

Lookalike Audiences: After you have created a Custom Audience, you will also be able to use lookalike audiences to pinpoint people that are similar in profile to your best customers.