What is SEO?

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Getting to grips with how to increase your site’s visibility in the Google search engine by making SEO changes to your website can have a significantly positive impact on your business.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation or SEO involves enhancing the position of your website pages in the search engines (think Google, Yahoo and Bing) for ‘organic’ search results returned to the Internet searcher by the search engines.

Sites that appear higher up the search engine results pages gain more traffic (people going to your website) and this obviously has the potential for more business.

To give you an example of how important it is to make sure your website pages are ranking highly in the search engines, the top 6 organic positions in the search results get roughly 80% of the clicks through to their website pages.

If you are not ranking in the top 6 organic (not the paid for ads) places for any given Google search term you really are going to struggle to get clicks through to your website pages and as a result, unlikely to gain much business from people visiting your website. Think about it, how often do you click onto page 2 of Google when you do a Google search for a product or service? Less than 9% of people do.

If you are in a very competitive market such as the mobile phone industry and you are attempting to sell to people all around the world you are going to struggle to compete for those high search engine positions in Google (unless you have plenty or resources) due to the huge amount of businesses competing with you in the same industry on the Internet, but if you are a local business serving local people it is a whole lot easier to gain those top positions by using ‘Local SEO’ techniques because Google shows local business websites to local people when those people are searching for products and services on the Internet.

When people search for something on the Internet, 95.1% of those people click through to websites from the very first page they see in the search engine results. Page 2 of those search engine results pages sends about 4.8% of traffic to websites with the remaining website traffic coming from page 3 and lower.

If you are serious about increasing your positions in the search engines to gain more business and you are a local business serving local people then Local SEO is for you. If however you are trying to reach people on a national or worldwide scale and you are in a competitive market then you should be looking for a full SEO package including on page and off page search engine optimisation as well as a long term SEO campaign that builds high quality relevant back-links to your website pages.