WordPress Installation & Setup Guide

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The first thing you will need to do when setting up your WordPress website is to install the WordPress files onto your server. Download the latest version of WordPress from here, extract the downloaded zipped file and upload the contents to the root folder on your server. The root folder is the location on your server where your website visitors reach when typing in your domain name.

Once you have uploaded the WordPress files to your server you are ready to begin the WordPress installation. Type your domain name into your web browser and you will see the WordPress setup page. You will be asked you to enter your database name, username and password. It will also ask you to set your admin panel username and password for managing your website content once the installation has completed. You should have already set the database up on your server before you get to this point, so make sure you have the database details handy ready to begin the installation.

In some cases, the server will already be set up with the correct folder permissions so that the config.php file can be written to the server during the installation and the installation will complete as long as you follow the on screen instructions. If this is not the case, WordPress will prompt you to copy/paste the config.php code from the screen into an HTML text editor, save the new file as config.php then upload the file to the WordPress root folder on your server. Once you have done this you can complete the installation by following the steps in your browser.

You should now see a message on the screen asking you to go to the login page and enter your newly created username and password.

You’re done!